Improve cash-flow and faster payments

Meiring & Co recommend Xero to many of our potential clients, many will
experience a streamlining of their accounting process

Accountants are highly qualified, professional and dedicated to ensuring their clients receive the best possible service. But in order to carry out their duties efficiently, they need to have the right tools at their disposal – the choice of software, for instance, is crucial. And here, Meiring & Co have no hesitation in recommending Xero – claimed by businesses large and small to be the best.

Our experience in using Xero has convinced us that there are any number of reasons for extolling its virtues.

They include:

  • Easy to understand and operate.
  • One of it's most useful features enables you to receive financial information directly from banks and other financial institutions while adhering to a rigorous security protocol.
  • Xero backs up all of its data on several different servers in different parts of the world. Which means, in the event of an issue with one server, Xero can quickly turn to another, thereby minimising disruption.
  • Because the system is cloud-based, you can access files and data from anywhere at any time.
  • Xero automatically uploads bank statement data, allowing you to keep right up to date with your finances.
  • Xero provides a more robust and extensive platform for your business needs. It offers various add-ons, which include automatically following up debtors, reducing time spent entering supplier details, integrating staff rosters and providing point of sale solutions.
  • Xero uses a single ledger, which means you can work on the same file as your accountant, cutting out the need to constantly exchange information.
  • Automatic updates to the software, which means you will always be running the latest version.
  • Xero is the key to an exciting future for your business, reducing the admin burden and freeing up more of your time - allowing you to get on with the main business of the day – your business!